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The Validation Clinic



In this satire on society’s incessant search for approval, a young woman attempts to revive her waning self-esteem by calling a personal affirmation hotline

The Validation Clinic by Jack Daly

“This film is a commentary on how much our self-worth and happiness is based on other people’s opinion of us,” says British director and photographer Jack Daly on his film featuring a fictitious gratification helpline. “And how our self confidence can be increased or decreased depending on the social validation we experience in our day-to-day lives.” 

The Validation Clinic is the latest addition to Daly’s ever-expanding portfolio of irreverent work rooted in socio-political commentary—notorious of all is a picture he took of himself urinating on Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Discussing the social conditions that inspired this film, Daly comments, “Although presenting itself in different ways, the need for gratification is a common thread that runs throughout our lives.”

Words: Marley Hansen for NOWNESS

Director: Jack Daly

Actor: Sally Cowdin


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