"Hon_I have NOTHING to wear for Hannah's party tonight_Again. Pfff, I'll just stop by Oxford Street afterwork and grab like a £5 something. K bye"

October 26, 2015

Hi there_and happy Monday,



If [by any chance] you haven't watched YET this captivating, truly unique and brilliant documentary film from Andrew Morgan, I would like to grab your attention this morning... Come on, precisely  2 minutes and 34 secondes, the exact length of the trailer below.



2 min and 34 secs that will change your plans for tonight (and you do know that you do not have plans on Monday nights). No random movie, no un-reality tv programs scattered by invading ads saturated with stuff you do not honestly need right now.







Tonight, you'll go home and click right here and you will spend $9.99/£6.47.Approximatively the same price than that weird nail polish you never wore and has been sitting on that shelf since 4G came out.


Now, If you're anything like me, then you don't own a television nor feel like discovering an eventual masterpiece on your 15' screen... with your cat (last bit is optional). It's alright. Let's actually socialise, debate and reconnect. 

If , sadly, you missed all of the recent "The true Cost" screenings across our beloved Hackney, East London. Do not fear. From September 27th to November 15th 2015, more screenings will be happening in 8 more cities: from Taiwan, New Mexico, Malaysia to NYC, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • #dosomething


  • link the dots between consumerism, capitalism, structural poverty, ecological disaster, oppression and ___this "oh my god!" top you just bought from that high street brand, two days ago for £5 ____ the one, which looks exactly just like the other one you got four days ago___ BUT  in a slightly, really slightly darker grey. The one you haven't try or wear yet, yes yes that one! Still awkwardly folded at the bottom of this super bright un-ecofriendly plastic bag yep, with the tag still hanging.)


  • join a fundraising  and become an activist_a legit one


  • stop_think_reconsider_understand_reflect


  • go social media blank for an evening and connect with people with literally #nofilter


  • care


  • be part of something important/essential/meaningful. Because being part of events on Facebook is not quite fulfilling


  • Have an ACTUAL interesting, enlightening topic to discuss at tomorrow's lunch with the girls. And spend one hour without mentioning any family name starting with a K_


  • Acknowledge the fact that sustainable fashion is___a DO


2 min and 34 secs that might have the power to reshape, transform some habits of ours. 2 min and 34 secs that might have the power to change the world. yep, you read that right.


 Andrew Morgan had been internationally acclaimed for "telling stories for a better tomorrow".  Still, the filmmaker/director/writer confirmed that making The True Cost changed his life. Are you not just a little bit curious to see how this documentary could affect yours?


Fair trade is the new black ___ come on, you REALLY need to catch up.


Go Sustainable or____ go home.

Just do it ____ you just did it.




"Our philosophy is that it is better to do something than nothing. For me, it’s about the basic principles: Sustainability is important, as is recycling. Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count."


Stella McCartney



I guess ____we now reached 7 min and 25 secs between the trailer, the reading and that moment when you googled Andrew Morgan.

Monday just got exciting!


Have a sustainable day!



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